Voting begins for city’s youth cabinet members

Sheffield Youth Cabinet
Sheffield Youth Cabinet
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Young people in Sheffield will soon vote for teen representatives to voice their concerns on a local, regional and national level.

Elections for the Sheffield Youth Cabinet, being organised by local youth charity Sheffield Futures, will take place next month at Sheffield Town Hall.

The candidates recently presented their manifestos, which include their policies on important issues such as mental health, cheaper transport and a curriculum to prepare young people for life, as well as other concerns affecting not only young people but everyone in the communities they hoped to represent.

Lee Raven, Sheffield Futures youth involvement worker, said: “The candidates need to represent the voters and we will make sure that the new Youth Cabinet involve the young people they represent in everything that they do. It’s time for young people to stand up, embrace their future and use their voice to claim their place in society.

“The young people who put themselves forward to stand whether they win or not, are each to be applauded for their hard work and enthusiasm.”

The Sheffield Youth Cabinet represents the voices of all young people aged 11-18 living in Sheffield. As part of their role, members of the cabinet work on campaigns to make adults and other young people look at and listen to the issues that young people want to be seen and heard.

Manifesto videos for each candidate are available now on Facebook, the Sheffield Futures website and will be shown in schools and youth clubs across the city.