Votes boss hails Sheffield poll efficiency

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RETURNING officer John Mothersole said Thursday’s election and yesterday’s count went smoothly.

There were 128,638 votes cast - with about 32 per cent of the electorate turning out to cast their ballot papers.

Mr Mothersole, who waived his returning officers’ fee two years ago over chaos at the General Election where some people were unable to vote by 10pm due to polling station queues, said: “Everything has gone smoothly.

“The count went according to plan. We had more than 200 polling stations around the city and hundreds of staff working to make sure everyone could vote and all the papers were collected smoothly.

“The count was held on Friday rather than Thursday night so we could ensure everything was done properly and to take the pressure off, which makes for a more efficient process.

“Some people miss the drama of an overnight count, but I would prefer it to be done properly and smoothly. The point of an election is to ensure everyone gets the chance to vote - and it should not matter if it takes a little longer to count all the votes.”

Mr Mothersole said there were no allegations of fraud or postal voting problems.