Voters put off by low debate

I have come to the conclusion that one of the main reasons turnout in local elections is so low is the low tone of debate which we the electorate have been forced to endure.


The campaigns for the last set of local elections were a particularly boring yawn festival of parties slagging each other off.

But what I would ask readers of The Star to consider is what if we could focus exclusively on intelligent debate on local issues at council meetings, which are also webcast live and held at a convenient time for the general public?

What if we could find a better way to impose the cuts to Sheffields budget like cutting councillors and executive pay before cutting librarians and other frontline staff?

What if we had councillors who led from the front and gave up claiming expenses if they already earned enough through another job?

What if we had a library service and other public services run for the benefit of the people who use and work in them, instead of for politicians and managers?

Surely we would have a much better city for the hardworking people who live in it.

The political parties in Sheffield need to do a lot of soulsearching, cease the petty bickering which puts people off voting and commence a proper debate on where and what Sheffields budget should be spent on.

Matthew Smith

Endcliffe Vale Rd, Sheffield