Voters - be careful what you wish for

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Views expressed by Labour Group Leader Coun Julie Dore (Viewpoint, Mar 24) are mean-spirited.

I live in Nick Clegg’s constituency and have found him to be an excellent MP when it comes to dealing with local issues.

To suggest that, because he had no roots in the city prior to 1995, he was never committed to Sheffield in the first place is insulting. No-one suggests that Tony Benn or Dan Jarvis were unfit to be local MPs because they had no connection with Chesterfield or Barnsley.

The Government chose Sheffield as one of the first enterprise zones and revealed they were giving more financial support to get the Sevenstone Retail Quarter off the ground.

Then they gave the all-clear to the overdue scheme to repair our roads. And on the same day they announced funding towards the Sheffield-Rotherham train- tram project. Frankly, given the country’s appalling financial predicament Sheffield is doing rather well. Talk of betrayal is ludicrous.

I don’t question Coun Dore’s sincerity but voters have to decide is who is likely to run the city most effectively and fairly.

Labour-controlled councils like Leeds declared substantial redundancies, far more than anything proposed here and, unlike Sheffield, closed parks, libraries etc.

So if readers think the election of Labour to run the council in May will be a return to some sort of golden age I would remind them that the last time Labour was in power our primary schools were shamefully just about bottom of national league tables.

If you’re hoping for a Labour victory in May just be careful what you wish for.

Terry Saunders