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We are urging council tenants in Sheffield to vote to return the management of their homes to the local authority in a ballot which began yesterday.

Arguments will be put to support Sheffield Homes continuing to manage homes on behalf of the council but in future the safe place to be will be with the council. Rents will rise more with Sheffield Homes, services will be cut back more and it is likely that it will be privatised.

Tenants influence councils through elected councillors. Their voices are n protest or support.

But who controls Sheffield Homes? Unelected people who were never voted in. No doubt Sheffield Homes was a good idea in 2004 as it was able to lever in more investment then. But not now. Use your vote to return to direct management by Sheffield council.

Dr Cathy Davis and Alan Wigfield, lecturers in housing, Salford and Sheffield Hallam universities

Costs relating to Park Hill

Paul License states that ‘the Labour faithful in our town hall were happy to dig into the coffers and hand out another couple of million quid to the Park Hill flats vanity project the other day’ (Jan 13).

The truth about this claim is that there are some costs relating to the Park Hill site, including keeping remaining residents safe and rehousing tenants, which have always been the responsibility of the council.

These have nothing to do with the renovation costs. Until recently these costs were paid by a government fund called Housing Market Renewal. The coalition has ended this fund and the council has been left to pick up the £2.5million bill. These costs are our sole responsibility.

The Lib Dems repeatedly criticised us for covering these costs. All they are really interested in is talking down the Park Hill project to score political points.

Coun Harry Harpham, housing cabinet member