Vote no to EU and end migrants problem

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EU leaders should do more to open up and help migrants instead of using language that dismisses their rights, so says Francois Crepeau a so-called UN expert on migrant rights.

What rights? The only rights these people have is what we give them.

He says talking about “marauders” and “swarms” was an unsubtle way of dismissing their legitimacy.

What legitimacy? The only legitimacy they have a right to is what we allow them.

For the record, we in the UK do not want any more immigrants, many white Brits are already feeling like strangers in their own country whatever the ‘lefties’, ‘snipers from behind the sofa’ and ‘do-gooders’ tell us.

We should have the right to say who comes across our borders, full stop.

Of course anyone speaking out will be deemed racist, fascist, bigoted or Tory, not so, nationalistic definitely.

Of course there are good immigrants but I would suggest there are also plenty of bad.

It is time the debate was really opened up on the subject and let’s start with the housing problem where indigenous Brits are having to wait 10 years in the hope of getting a council house while immigrant families are housed immediately with more help than the powers that be will admit.

Maybe local councillors can prove all the above wrong?

Better still vote NO to the EU if you get the chance! And then stop the problem once and for all.

Terry Palmer

South Lea Avenue, Hoyland, Barnsley, S74