Vote for another party or stand for council yourself

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The end of Sheffield is nigh, according to Mr Lee Swords. It may be time for Mr Swords to consider moving on.

I cannot believe you are asking The Star to start a campaign to rescue Sheffield.

While The Star in all its magnificence can do most things it cannot remove a council from office.

If you were not aware you have elections every year around May to elect your preference to run the council.

You may not like the outcome but I am afraid you are stuck with them until some other party gets a majority to run the council.

Apart from Labour there are the Lib Dems and the Tories who could run this city.

The Lib Dems recently have run this city twice and the Tories will never run this city. Now they are facts.

What also is fact that a Lib Dem/Tory government are running this country and are making cuts to a depleted budget year upon year, that this council has had to make balance.

If they don’t the Government will make even further cuts next year.

If you have had a certain amount to run a council and then for the last five years it has been ravaged by draconian cuts, then you have to look at were those savings have to be made.

The only options for you Mr Swords as I see it, vote for another party or stand for election, or move.

Paul E Colk