Vote for £10,000 npower home improvement winners

Eight of our 10 nPower finalists.
Eight of our 10 nPower finalists.
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Here are our 10 lucky Star finalists who today appeal for your votes in a bid to win up to £10,000 of npower home energy-saving improvements, writes Graham Walker.

Energy efficiency measures can save you money and we’ve been promoting top tips plus the chance for four homeowners to win up to £10,000 of npower improvements.

Boiler maintenance can help you save money.

Boiler maintenance can help you save money.

And here are our shortlisted finalists.

Now, we’re putting the power in your hands. Read each entrant’s story below and vote for your winner! The four households which receive the most votes will each win up to £10,000 of home energy-saving improvements from npower, helping to keep the warmth in and the costs down.

If you entered our competition but haven’t been shortlisted, don’t worry. Thanks to a new scheme from the Government, householders in Sheffield who are in receipt of certain benefits could receive free energy-saving improvements from npower. From a new boiler to cavity wall insulation, there are a number of improvements that can help keep homes warm and costs down that are available free from npower, including installation.

For households that do not qualify for free measures, npower will also be offering energy-saving home improvements through the Green Deal – due to launch later in the year. This is a new government initiative that allows householders to make energy-saving improvements to their properties by accessing a finance package that is then paid back through instalments on their electricity bill. Households can install and benefit from the improvements straight away and the extra cost on their bill should be covered by the estimated energy cost savings expected to be achieved through the installation of the improvements.

Cavity wall and loft insulation.

Cavity wall and loft insulation.

David Titterton, director of Green Deal Delivery & Obligations at npower adds: “Homes across Sheffield could benefit from a range of energy saving improvements which are available free of charge or through a Green Deal Plan. From draught proofing to boiler replacements, there are a number of simple and straightforward improvements to keep homes warm whilst helping reduce energy costs.”

To see if your home is eligible for free improvements or to register your interest in the Green Deal visit hnpower or call 0800 9803355.


Simply read the comments of all 10 finalists – why they say they deserve to win – then vote, either by text or completing the form here and getting it to us by noon on Friday, June 14,

nPower home energy saving advice includes mainitaining your boiler.

nPower home energy saving advice includes mainitaining your boiler.

1 Architectural ironmonger Craig Bellamy, 47, and wife Kathleem, 49, a supermarket check-out worker, have two children and live in Adlington Crescent, Parson Cross.

Craig waxed lyrical and told us: “I am blue through and through from our winters so cold. We need to turn green, we keep being told. This prize would be the perfect solution – to upgrade my green contribution.”

2 Sheffield Homes senior housing officer and former bus ‘clippy’ Mary Bevan, 67, and former steelworker husband David, 68, who has been registered blind since a brain aneurysm in 1985, have a son and a granddaughter. The couple live in Limpsfield Road, Brightside.

Mary said: “I became the wage earner in 1985 after my husband had a brain aneurysm and couldn’t work. When the engineer services our 15-year-old boiler he shakes his head saying, ‘you need a new boiler love’. I smile, saying ‘see you next year’.”

3Nursing home domestic Kathryn Booker, 63, and husband Stephen, 57, a former meat factory supervisor, have three children and seven grandchildren. They live in Chestnut Avenue, Kiveton Park.

They said: “We deserve to win this prize because it would be an “N POWER” ing feeling to come home to a new central heating system that actually gives out a warm welcome, since we haven’t been able to afford a new system as my husband was made redundant two years ago!”

4 Retired bank manager now post room worker Malcolm Carey, 61, and wife Geraldine, 62, a part-time bank cashier, have three sons and six grandchildren. They live in Rothay Close, Dronfield Woodhouse.

Malcolm said: “We are approaching retirement and want to improve our property to make it more energy efficient and easier to manage in our old age. If we were successful then we would benefit by being able to make the improvements all at once, rather than over the next few years.”

5 Grandma Audrey Hurton, aged 76, lives with her son, Richard, 43, his wife, Jenny, 39, their children Luca, eight, and Hermione, 11, in Arundel Road, Chapeltown.

They said: “ If we win it would mean a lot as our boiler is the old system, heating or hot water ( and it tends to break down). An energy-efficient boiler and maybe solar panels on the roof would be a green way forward, and a warmer house for us!”

6 Retired pub domestic Anne Marr, 68, and former Army driver then security man Bill, 74, have two daughters and two grandchildren. They live in Ironside Road, Gleadless Valley.

Anne said: “We deserve to win because like most people we have worked hard all our lives. We have put a lot into this country by being in the armed forces for 22 years, so it would be nice to get something back.”

7 HGV driver Michael Naughton, 47, and wife Michelle, 41, who have a son, Jack, live in Atlantic Road, Low Edges, Sheffield.

He said: “The reason why I want to win this competition is my boiler is over 19 years old and on its last legs. And being on low income with a family, winning your competition would be the only way we could replace it and make our home more energy efficient.”

8 Electronics engineer Jonathan Palmer, aged 55, lives alone in Clifton Avenue, Clifton.

He said: “Living in a 1899-built terraced house with a single brick width wall, and suffering from Reynaud’s disease, in winter I need the heating on ‘full blast’ just to be comfortable. If I won, with copious insulation and efficient heating I’d be ‘toasty’, yet cutting my fuel bills.”

9 Retired tyre dealer Tommy Parker, 66, and former textile worker wife Jean, 66, who have two children, two grandchildren and two great grandchildren, live in James Street, Darnall, Sheffield.

He said: “Thank you to the number one South Yorkshire newspaper, The Star, for giving us the chance to win money saving home energy improvements.”

10 Nursery nurse Jayne Renwick, aged 53, and husband, Tim, 55, a machine fitter, have two children and live in Cox Place, Wisewood, Sheffield.

Jayne said: “I would like to win this prize because our house needs some improvements and this would be a good start to get the ball rolling.”