Vote against assisted suicide

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I am writing to encourage others to contact their MP in opposition to the forthcoming vote to legalise assisted suicide that is due to take place on September 11.

I believe that legalising assisted suicide sends the message that, if you are terminally ill then you should consider suicide.

We are a country which responds to terminal illness with care and compassion.

I think we should keep it that way, rather than make people feel that their life is no longer worth living.

Evidence from the few places where assisted suicide has been legalised is deeply concerning.

Rising death rates and people ending their lives because they feel a burden are just two of the negative trends. Most doctors don’t want to be licensed to prescribe lethal drugs.

The British Medical Association, Royal College of GP’s and Physicians, palliative care doctors, disabled peoples organisations and hospices all oppose a change in the law.

I think that if this proposal becomes law, it will place undue pressure on those vulnerable people, who need our help the most.

I urge all MPs across South Yorkshire to vote against this act and demonstrate their support for the care that is currently provided by medical staff.

Colin Taylor