Volunteers needed to keep shrubs in check

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A call has been issued for volunteers to help stop a patch of invasive flowering bushes from spreading across a nature reserve.

Wharncliffe Heathlands Trust is asking people to clear a cluster of rhododendrons below Wharncliffe Crags this Sunday to stop them from invading wildlife habits in the area.

A spokesman for the trust said: “Although a beautiful and colourful plant in gardens, rhododendrons have a nasty habitat of escaping and invading wildlife habits.

“Because the rhododendron can produce millions of seeds per plant every year it can become a serious problem very quickly.

“The pink flowered rhododendron ponticum is the worst offender, and a large clump has formed just below the Wharncliffe Crags.

“It needs to be cleared before it spreads.”

Another reason for clearing the shrub is that rare breed cattle and sheep are used on the site to keep control of invading birch – and rhododendron is poisonous to livestock.

Volunteers are asked to bring sturdy footwear, warm clothes, gardening gloves and their own lunch. Work will finish by 4pm. Meet at the River Don bridge on Station Road, Deepcar.