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Can I first applaud the new volunteers who answered our plea through The Star earlier this year?

The Manor area has seen a staggering increase in the dependency on benefits which, as we all know, are being attacked.

The area has a range of complex issues, which are only increasing as the cuts begin to bite real people.

The Manor Rights and Advice Service urgently needs more volunteers, with or without experience, to keep this priceless asset going.

We need you now as time is running out for us.

If you can spare a few hours please contact Manor Rights & Advice Service, 300 Prince of Wales Road, Manor, S2 1FF, call 2642576 or visit http://manor-rights.org.uk

Coun Terry Fox

Let young people have jobs

Eddie Lewis should be pleased that he and his wife have had good, well paid jobs in the NHS and are now entitled to a pension.

Hopefully younger trained people will inherit their jobs.

Younger people need jobs these days, older people have had the chance to buy their homes or do whatever they wanted to spend their money on.

They might even have saved some money if both were working.

People of pensionable age should be pleased to make room for younger people who are starting out in life.

I’m glad that I’m a pensioner these days. I feel sorry for the young.

Mr and Mrs Lewis will probably enjoy their retirement. I certainly do and I’d enjoy it even more had my husband not passed away just after I retired.

Make the most of your retirement together, you never know what’s round the corner.


Not police’s fault

The police have been criticised for their slowness in reacting to drivers stuck in snow on the A57 last December. This seems a bit harsh. What crimes were occurring that day? The whole county was keeping the police busy. Shouldn’t it be the fire and rescue service that attended? Or am I missing something?

Alan Tenanty, Broomhill

Planned strikes

Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude has challenged the legitimacy of planned strikes by public sector workers on the grounds that only a minority of union members voted in favour. He quickly forgets that, in last year’s General Election, the Conservatives received only 36% of the popular vote on a turnout of 65%. That means fewer than one in four wanted them to form the next government. No-one at all, of course, voted for them to form a coalition with the Lib Dems. That wasn’t an option on the ballot paper.

Paul Kenny, S3

Put Britain first

britain has been almost constantly at war in the last 90 years but only three were justified - 1939-45, 1956 (Egypt) and 1982 (Falklands). All the rest were wars for the sake of having a war. It seems Cameron wants to do the same, with taxpayers footing the bill. Put Britain first for a change. Stop making war and then sending money to these countries.

HBY, an old conscript soldier