Volunteer appeal

Following our South Yorkshire Animal Rescue appeal in the Star at the end of last year we received enough donations to continue our work with small wild animals.

Wednesday, 11th April 2018, 6:34 am
Updated Wednesday, 11th April 2018, 6:36 am
Hedgehog numbers have tumbled

Unfortunately this money will soon run out .

We desperately need volunteers with ideas, time to organise and implement any suggestions to raise money. When the weather improves, the hedgehogs will be released, but this leaves many other animals that cannot be released.

Please phone 2349656 between 3pm-5pm and leave your name and number and I’ll get back to you.

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Sylvia Jackson

Volunteer South Yorkshire Animal Rescue

Proud to run in Sheffield

What an absolute joy to participate in the Sheffield Half-Marathon on Sunday. The event is so well organised and the support of the Sheffield public overwhelming.

Yes, it is a tough course and challenges the competitor to reach deep inside themselves to conquer the hill but the encouragement of the crowd helped to propel me through the course and the endless supply of jelly babies, wine gums, and orange segments fed my draining energy supplies and kept my blood sugar topped.

Thank you to the organisers, Sheffield Council, the general public, the volunteers and all my fellow participants for making me proud to run in Sheffield.

I cannot wait until next year’s event.

Lawrence Whyte

Millsands, Sheffield, S3

Use your vote against council

I would suggest to the people of Sheffield that they register a protest vote against the council in the upcoming local elections and show their displeasure at the tree felling programme that has decimated many of our old trees and the criminalising of any person who has tried to stop the trees on their road being cut down for no good reason other than expedience.

Root solutions can often be overcome by raising pavement height to cover roots.

The council say we will have more trees than we did before with replanting but they don’t tell you it will be 40 years before those saplings achieve the same carbon absorption as the mature trees they are cutting down, so this will in that time increase the air pollution in this city.

The other issue in this city is the “City of Sanctuary” tag we have now been given without any recourse to the public as to its cost, both financially and the impact on housing and social services as well as the unavoidable link to the increase in community tensions that has seen a massive increase in violent gun and knife crime and no-go areas of this city.

Use your vote against the council, then maybe they will have to listen.

Robin Gissing Sr

Sheffield, S12

Imaginary parking

I read with interest the article in Saturday’s Star on the proposed development around Mary Street.

The idea of developing this area and making the most of the river has some appeal.

However, the idea that there will be no parking provided except for a few spaces for disabled drivers is completely bonkers. For the developers to suggest that they anticipate that car ownership will be low seems naïve or suggests that they think those who assess the proposals are naïve.

Whenever the building of new living accommodation is planned I think developers and planning officials need to adopt a realistic attitude to how people actually live rather than how they could live in an idealised utopia where we all use a perfect public transport system, walk, run or cycle in order to get around.

I guess it all comes down to money. It would undoubtedly cost a lot more to build underground car parks beneath the apartment blocks and if surface parking was preferred then there would be less space available for building and therefore a reduced profit for the investors.

I am not opposed to developing the site, but I am concerned at the lack of parking space in the proposals.

This is likely to cause problems to future residents and increase the pressure on available street parking nearby. I hope that when plans are submitted the planning department will make sensible decisions based on the likely, rather than the imaginary, need for parking.

Christine Freeman

Meadowbank Avenue, Sheffield, S7

Send in reports

I have known Bob Roberts for quite a few years and you could not wish for a better person to promote local fishing clubs in and around our area.

Most clubs send in reports from their fishing matches, my club included, and they are always, within two weeks, reported in Grassroots.

Woodseats anglers are always in Grassroots because they are fishing most weekends and send in reports – that is why Bob puts them in the paper.

Trevor Robinson

Secretary Hogshead Angling, Hackenthorpe, Sheffield

Wonderful democracy

Tony ‘Bliar’ is urging Labour MPs to vote against their party whip if Labour backs the Government’s deal on Brexit.

He said: “I think all MPs have got a responsibility to do what they think is right and that’s what I am urging MPs to do, whether Conservative or Labour, is vote according to what they genuinely believe”.

What THEY believe? Nothing to do with their constituents’ belief, then?

He says: “This is the most important decision since the Second World War and it’s going to decide the destiny of the country for future generations.

Do what you think is right, this is one moment surely to do that.”

All this from the same man who sent hundreds of our military to their deaths in Iraq on a lie. I wouldn’t want to breathe the same air as him.

Do what this liar says and just ignore the people that put you all in a job?

What a wonderful democracy we live in.

Terry Palmer

South Lea Avenue, Hoyland, Barnsley, S74