A vital resource

The letter from Coun Scott, (March 9), regarding the Library once again states a new library would be in the heart of the city.

Thursday, 16th March 2017, 6:07 am
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 10:10 am

I do not see where this could be. More worrying is the fact that yet again there is no mention of the Library Theatre. This is a vital resource for drama in the city centre and must not be forgotten.

Joyce Crowther


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Erosion of green fields

My sister and her husband moved to Dronfield in the 1980s and over time, driving down Hallowes Rise I’ve watched the erosion of the green fields at the end of Callywhite Lane, and the building of a football pitch with blinding floodlights. Hasn’t anyone heard of light pollution?

There is a football pitch behind The Coach and Horses pub. Couldn’t someone have come to some arrangement to use this instead of taking pristine farm land?

Elsie Whiteley

by email

What about our road?

So the people living on Knowle Lane, Ecclesall, had their road resurfaced and a lot more.

What about us living on Chippinghouse Road, (between Abbeydale Road and Heeley Bottom), and the road in front of Loxley Brothers?

We were promised that these roads would be resurfaced in March 2016.

It is now March 2017. So the question is, when will these roads be resurfaced?

Disgusted council tax payers


Please read thoroughly

Oh No! Not again? I see the Doncaster ‘scribe’ has got it wrong – again? I don’t ever remember quoting Blair as having sexual relations with Edwina Currie, (B Heaton, The Star, March 13, 2017), or with anybody else apart from Cherie of course.

Maybe DN5 knows much more than we credit him with.

If you are going to make accusations please, oh! please read thoroughly and get your facts right.

Happy ‘Brexiteering’ and keep reading The Guardian and listening to the also totally ‘unbiased BBC’.

Terry Palmer

South Lea Avenue, Hoyland, Barnsley, S74

Firth Park is a mess

Yes, Firth Park is a mess, dirt, paper, betting shops, bad parking on yellow lines, banks we have had for years closing.

It used to be clean and a man used to go round sweeping. People were clean.



Independence referendum

British Unionists need have no fear of today’s announcement of a second Scottish Independence Referendum: Scots are far too stupid to actually vote for independence.

John Hein

by email

Never get my vote again

In 2010 I voted for Nick Clegg hoping to get a coalition government. I now wish I had not bothered.

It seems he and Mr Farron love democracy, but only when it gives them the result they want.

This moaning remainer and his party will never get my vote again.

My main objection is that they appear to be rather stupid.

In the Westminster “bubble” they live in, we must vote and vote again until they get the result they want.

The stupid bit I refer to is the vote (referendum) they want on the deal in two years time.

How on earth will they know why people vote yes or no? I may vote No because the deal isn’t a hard enough Brexit, somebody else may vote Yes because the deal is to their liking – how in the world would we know why somebody votes Yes or No if 40 million vote?

We have an elected government to negotiate the deal – whatever that ends up as.

We could have a snap election and end up with the Conservatives having a massive majority, which they would. Then we would have the same people negotiating Brexit for the next two years that we already have.

Nick, Tim – shut up! Stop moaning! You will never get my vote again.

Oh and by the way – start worrying about our citizens living in the EU. How about Mr Tusk not using them as a bargaining chip?

Gary Speck

by email

Sheffield Air Quality Plan

There was no money to address air pollution in the Chancellor’s budget but the Government has to act soon.

After a final warning from the European Commission, they have to produce an action plan by next month to ensure good air quality and safeguard public health.

The up-front approach by the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has helped make air pollution front page news in 2017.

Sheffield also needs to be open and honest about the dangers to our health and the urgent action required.

London already has ultra-low emissions zones and cities are waking up fast to massive pollution linked to diesel vehicles.

The Government has previously announced funding for clean air zones in five cities from 2020, including Leeds, Nottingham and Derby.

Sheffield needs to be lobbying the government hard for funded clean air zones to be expanded – and for Sheffield to be added to the list.

The impact of austerity on council budgets means funding opportunities must be taken.

Greens are pushing hard for the new air quality plan Sheffield needs to reduce 500 early deaths a year and to reinforce funding bids.

We must have basic plans in place and prioritise local actions to expect our fair share of any funding that becomes available.

Sign the petition at www.change.org/p/sheffield-city-council-sheffield-needs-a-new-air-pollution-action-plan

Eamonn Ward

Sheffield Green Party

Children’s book author

I see ‘Golden girl’ Jessica Ennis-Hill is now writing children’s books.

I’m surprised her topic isn’t naughty footballers as she has been good at commenting on the subject.

When she next puts pen to paper perhaps she could find time to write an apology to Ched Evans as he was proved innocent, yet her and Charlie Webster have stiil not apologised for their remarks.

Yes, I’ve written about this before and some may say I’m like a dog with a bone but they were quick to condemn Ched Evans.