Visitors to Sheffield Moors urged to help protect threatened bird


Visitors to the Sheffield Moors are being asked to help protect one of the area’s most threatened birds - the ring ouzel.

More commonly known as mountain blackbirds, ring ouzels travel every summer from North Africa to breed on the gritstone edges of the Peak District.

Currently, the males are setting up breeding territories in preparation of the imminent arrival of the females.

But over the past two decades the ring ouzel population has declined by 70 per cent.

The Eastern Moors Partnership is urging visitors to respect signs about current nesting sites and keep away from them.

People with dogs are urged to keep their pets on a lead during the bird nesting season, which lasts until July 31.

John Mead, an Eastern Moors Partnership Warden, said: “If you see a ring ouzel on the Sheffield Moors, please report it to us.

“The more eyes we have on the ground looking for these birds the more we can find out about them and the better we’ll be able to better protect them.”

Ring ouzels resemble blackbirds but haveye a white band across their breast.

Email or call 0114 2891543.