Visit is long overdue

Blast from the past your newspaper report on Shiregreen, seeing the shops and the old chippie Queenies.

Monday, 14th May 2018, 7:08 am
Updated Monday, 14th May 2018, 7:11 am
Hartley Brook Road shops, Shiregreen.

I can remember those chips still now, they were devine to us kids who grew up on the Green in the 70s.

I haven’t been to Shiregreen in over 20 years. When my dad died, there ended my association with the estate I loved as a child, it was a great place to live.

It’s the same old story a tiny minority spoiling it for the decent majority, it’s happening all over the city.

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In the 70s growing up we had nowt but that didn’t matter, we knew right from wrong, we had fun but never hung around on the streets terrorising people.

I only live 15 minutes from my old haunts, I think a drive over to Shiregreen and a good old reminisce are long overdue.

Jayne Grayson

Sheffield, S35

City centre attraction?

Let’s call #timesup on Spearmint Rhino’s licence in our city.

If the Labour Party is so proud of its control of the city council, then it needs to take responsibility for decisions made by the council.

I fail to understand how the Labour Party in Sheffield and its members can claim to be proud of the city and all that it is, and yet happy to have a lap dancing and strip club as one of the city centre’s “attractions”.

I’m tired of hearing from Labour Party supporters and officers that it is the “party of equality” when it fails to demonstrate this in practice.

I feel it is time for the Labour Party to stand up for what it claims to believe in and comes down on the right side of gender equality by objecting to the licence renewal.

Just as we look back now at our outdated, racist TV programmes and wonder how we ever tolerated them, so one day we will be judged on the sexist policies surrounding strip clubs. Sheffield, and the Labour Party that runs it, should want to be leading the way in becoming a gender equal city, not the last to make a change.

Carol Keen

Sheffield, S7

An illness like any other

C Froggatt has declared that people who’ve sought medical help due to the stress of the tree felling, (and its various ramifications), are selfish and that their condition is self-inflicted, (The Star, May 2).

Well, my opinion is that anyone who cares this much about the environment and the people and animals who inhabit it are anything but selfish. They are, after all, thinking on a global level as opposed to a self-centred one. As for it being self-inflicted, how can it be when they’ve felt misunderstood, unheard and have felt the distinct sensation of banging their heads against a brick wall as the situation remains at a stalemate? Isn’t that enough to stress anyone with any degree of sensitivity, without any of their own input?

Of course, everyone who doesn’t live under a stone knows that GPs and the NHS are stretched for time. It gets harder and harder to get an appointment, waiting lists are long, funds are low. We all know that. However, GPs and other health workers are there to provide help and support for anyone who needs it, irrespective of the cause. Stress and depression are illnesses like any others and can make any existing physical conditions worse and therefore should be assessed and treated. People who feel they’re being selfish and wasting NHS time and resources by seeing their doctor about anything stress-related will be deterred from seeking help. The situation will continue to fester and be compounded in the process.

So, doesn’t it make sense to ask for help before matters get much worse and will then require even more and even lengthier help from the NHS, or, God forbid, people feel they have no option but to take matters into their own hands?

CM Langan

Sheffield, S8

Snack van service

You cannot make it up.

Mr and Mrs Ford are supplying a service to the shoppers of Kilner Way retail park.

They have worked hard to serve the shoppers only for it now to appear that they must pay more for the privilege of serving the public.

Look at it another way. If they move out and it is taken over by someone who cuts corners does not have the shoppers’ interest at heart what then if we, the public, cannot get satisfaction?

The landlord of Derwent Group should go back to their lord and master and thank them for keeping the shoppers happy and contributing to harmony of the area.

Let them stay in their best interest – if it does not itch do not scratch it.

F Hardy

Sheffield, S6

Normal tickets

55 million different rail fares?

Just how has it arrived at this crazy situation? What was wrong with a day return, a weekly, monthly or week – end returns?

I can understand some commuters have to buy a yearly pass but surely these should not be as expensive as they are.

In my own situation I cannot afford to travel on the train, the complicated fares system is a minefield and I can’t and wouldn’t trail through all the online, ( just a little rail pun there), websites offering the cheapest fare.

Why can’t you go to a ticket office and buy a normal cheap everyday ticket?

Mr Anthony

Sheffield, S14

Different outlook

Mr Anthony, in his letter about Gleadless Valley, especially Newfield Green shopping area, may be right, it has been quite run down over the years.

But if he takes a leisurely stroll further up the valley to Herdings he will find a different outlook.

The shops are clean and well run, most folk are happy and content.

At the grocery store of Mick and Jenny’s they have most essentials and they give help and advice to their customers if needed.

The area is well maintained and any vandalism is sorted by the council.

May I say the Newfield Green shopping area is owned by a private company and not by the council.

Oh and Herdings has lovely trees galore, need I say more.

EB Warris

Sheffield, S14