Vision for Sheffield’s future revealed today

The Sheffield skyline
The Sheffield skyline
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A ‘vibrant’ city centre, with residents who play a part in shaping its development, star in a vision of Sheffield in 21 years.

The Sheffield 2035 report - to be debated at a packed summit today - also looks at making the city fairer in terms of equality, with ‘smarter’ buildings that make the best use of green technology.

Other ideas or ‘scenarios’ explored in the document, created using research on global trends carried out by The University of Sheffield, include building on the city’s history and various economies, ‘smart retail’ to adapt to internet shopping, and even an entirely car-free city centre. More people could live in, and firms be based at, the city centre.

“Even with Meadowhall down the road we need to be a vibrant city centre, that is looking forward and adapting to things like climate change,” said Sharon Squires, director of report creator Sheffield First.

“This might be looking at the city centre as a meeting place, we tend to think of it as a place to shop, but there are many city centres that have already become a place where people meet and do business.

“Sheffield already has a number of events and festivals, it is a vibrant meeting place, but we could build on that.”

Sheffield First - which involves city leaders across all sectors - wants the report to help assess if enough is being done to develop the city’s future and give a clear sense of direction. Speakers at the Town Hall summit include Government and cities experts and Hugh Facey from business Gripple.