'˜Violent threat' sent to Sheffield MP

Louise Haigh MP outside ParliamentLouise Haigh MP outside Parliament
Louise Haigh MP outside Parliament
A Sheffield MP has been sent a '˜violent threat' in connection with the Labour leadership election.

Heeley MP Louise Haigh revealed she has been sent an email threat from a Labour member,

It follows the MP declaring her support for Owen Smith to replace Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader.

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Miss Haigh said it was not the first threat she has been sent since becoming a Labour MP.

The MP revealed: “We had a threat before Christmas from somebody linking themselves to ISIS.”

Miss Haigh said security has been increased at her constituency office and it had been assessed by Special Branch as part of checks on MPs’ offices following the murder of Labour MP Jo Cox in June.

She has previously said the level of debate around the Labour leadership election has been ‘genuinely tragic’ after she was called a ‘snake’ by a Twitter user for writing an article in support of Owen Smith replacing Jeremy Corbyn at the head of the party.

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Miss Haigh, who nominated Jeremy Corbyn in the 2015 Labour leadership contest, said despite believing Mr Corbyn had done the party a ‘huge service’, she was concerned the party would be ‘condemned to opposition’ unless there was a change in leadership.

She said: “The galling fact is that not nearly enough Labour voters see Corbyn as being the next prime minister, and nearly two-thirds of trade unionists think he is doing badly.

“With the tumultuous consequences of Brexit likely to lead to a recession, our NHS under unprecedented strain, a housing crisis and low-paid, insecure work, our millions of supporters should be able to look to our party and see a government in waiting.

“But the people who need a Labour government see nothing of the sort. I would rather have Owen Smith as a radical Labour prime minister than a Labour party condemned to opposition.”