Vinyl’s break the record at South Yorkshire charity shop

Some of the 1500 classical records donated to the Cancer UK Research Shop in Rotherham
Some of the 1500 classical records donated to the Cancer UK Research Shop in Rotherham
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A CHARITY shop is hoping a record-breaking donation will entice customers Bach into the store...

Rotherham’s Cancer Research UK shop has been given a haul of 1,500 vinyls in near-perfect condition, the majority of which are the works of classical composers.

The collection belonged to a man who lived in the East Yorkshire town of Goole, and was uncovered when Cancer Research UK was invited to clear out his home after he died.

Rotherham’s shop in Effingham Street in the town centre was chosen as the perfect place to sell the goods, as it has established a reputation with shoppers as a go-to spot for music.

Steven Parker, shop manager, said: “We’ve had quite a few big donations of vinyls – last year we had 800 which were all rock and pop – but this is definitely our biggest ever.

“There is quite a lot of demand for vinyls at the moment.

“We sell to a lot of people aged between 20 and 25 - that age bracket really seems to be into buying them.

“This is a classical collection which is really good quality – every composer you could think of.

“Tchaikovsky, Mozart, they are all in there and the records are more or less brand new.

“The guy took great care of them. We just need to get the message out that they are here.”

It is hoped the new stock – so huge it takes up an entire corner of the Rotherham branch – will bring back some much-needed custom.

Steven said: “We’ve been established for 20 years so we’ve got a good reputation and regular customers, but there have been a lot of changes in the town centre.

“The council has closed some buildings near to us and we’ve been hit by that.

“But if we let people know we’ve got all these records here, it’ll hopefully bring new people through the door.

“When we get a big collection like this it can make us up to £300 a week.”

What has been your best find in a charity shop or junk shop?