‘Vile’ Sheffield paedophile finally brought to justice and jailed for 22 years

Mohammed Rafiq, accused of sex offences against children.
Mohammed Rafiq, accused of sex offences against children.
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A ‘vile’ paedophile who abused Sheffield children for more than 15 years has finally been brought to justice and jailed for 22 years.

Mohammed Rafiq, aged 58, of Horninglow Road, Firth Park, was found guilty of 27 charges including rape, indecent assault, indecency with a child and cruelty to children at Sheffield Crown Court.

The businessman raped and sexually abused two girls and one boy between 1987 and 2002.

The judge Recorder Bernard Gateshill told Rafiq as he jailed him for 22 years at Sheffield Crown Court: “You have been convicted of many offences committed many years ago.

“These have some of the most aggravating features that I can find in a case if this kind.

“You used the victims for your own sexual gratification and you used them in a most vile way over a lengthy period of time.

“The physical abuse kept them in fear of you so that they were compliant with your wishes.

“These offences were so serious that a severe custodial sentence will be opposed upon you.”

One of the victims had described feeling as though ‘her childhood has been stolen away by him’.

She said while giving evidence “Nobody can give me my childhood back.

“What I want is for the man who took my childhood away from me to be given the correct sentence and punishment.

She said what she had gone through as a child had left her with ‘lots of burdens’.

The offences carried out against her by Rafiq are said to have started when she was around 10 years old and include indecent assault, rape and cruelty to a person under 16.

Rafiq also beat the children with sticks and other objects including a skipping rope and used a whip on one of the victims.

Some of the sexual attacks against the victims are said to have occurred in a hospital and Rafiq’s car.

It is alleged the male victim was ‘plied with alcohol’ by Rafiq when the child was eight years old, with vodka put into the boy’s drink of Fanta so the defendant could ‘take advantage of him’.

He told the court he had suffered a ‘reign of terror’ during his ordeal and that Rafiq had broken his nose ‘a couple of times’.

He said: “He beat me every opportunity he got.

“It was a reign of terror.

“You had to cry and beg for mercy until he stopped, otherwise he wouldn’t stop.”

“He would slap and punch and kick and stamp on me.”