Viewpoint: Ways to achieve your New Years fitness resolutions

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Sheffield-based personal trainer Carla Gibbons of Train with Carla shares the New Year fitness resolutions she will be setting this year and shows how those of us doing the same can avoid the usual post resolution slump!

“For me, New Year is a time to set new goals and think about what I would like to achieve in the coming year. As a keen runner I have already pencilled in a few events I would like to do such as the Grindleford Gallop and Eyam Half Marathon, as well as completing the Hathersage Hilly Triathlon.

But I know if I am going to achieve the results I want, I need to plan my training and take steps to keep myself motivated. So I have outlined some of my top tips for helping you keep your fitness resolutions this year.

The winter months can be a difficult time to keep motivated so having goals that you feel passionate about can help. Whatever your goal make sure it’s SMART.

Specific -What exactly do you want to achieve? If its weight loss-how much? If it’s to run faster-I want to run 5K in 25minutes.

Measureable -Is there a way to measure your goal to see if you are on track or if you have achieved it?

Agreed -It should be a goal that’s important to you. Realistic-Is you goal achievable?

Time bound - When are you going to achieve your goal by? If it’s a long term goal that might take you several months to reach you might need to break it down into shorter term goals.

I love meeting my friends for a run on a Sunday- we run early so it’s straight up and out without any procrastinating and reward ourselves with a coffee and catch up post -run.

Meet friends for a run or at the gym or join a club or class.

This can be a real motivator when you get in from work and just want to curl up in front of the TV. If you have made an arrangement you are more likely to stick to it. Knowing someone else is waiting for you will give you that kick to get going- furthermore, making exercise social means you can catch up with your friends while getting some exercise.

Can’t manage an hour so don’t bother?

Exercise can be done in short bouts and you can do it from the comfort of your own home. A walk or jog round the block keeps you moving or even simple bodyweight exercise that can even be done in front of the TV or in the advert breaks!

Don’t give in - keep positive and enjoy the challenge. If you have a set-back, adjust your goals and stick with it.

There is no one giant step that just does it but lots of little steps.

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