View Point: Why I won’t vote for Labour again

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Coming from a working- class background I have been a traditional Labour voter for nearly 50 years, but no more.

Sheffield MP Paul Blomfield (Star, February 21) tells of his fears on the increase of homelessness and as usual blames the coalition Government.

That’s all the main parties do, blame each other for everything that’s wrong.

Mr Blomfield makes no mention of Labour’s open door policy on immigration, that has led to hundreds of thousands of immigrants coming into this country.

Where are the houses that they are supposed to live in?

When I voted Labour in recent General Elections, I wasn’t aware that Labour had this policy and so as far as I am concerned I didn’t give them a mandate to follow it through.

Equally, Mr Blomfield doesn’t mention the Sheffield Labour Council of recent years declaring that Sheffield is “The City of Refuge”.

I don’t remember voting for that, either.

Great swathes of this city, and most others, are now populated by immigrants.

It isn’t the immigrants that are the problem, it’s the idiots who invited them in without any thought to where they were going to live.

We seem to have mostly stopped building council properties, so I don’t know where they expected an influx of immigrants, coupled with the young indigenous population, to settle.

But then, they never thought about how our schools, hospitals and welfare system would cope either, so I guess that expecting them to consider something as mundane as housing was a bit much.

So, If I am not going to vote Labour, am I going to vote for either of the coalition parties? The answer is no.

The only thing I agree with Mr Blomfield on is this appalling idea of expecting people to move out of their homes because their children have grown up and they now have a spare bedroom.

You will note that I said “homes”, and not “houses”. That is because that is what we are talking about, people’s homes that they have invested money and effort in over maybe 30 or 40 years.

It’s not just a block of bricks, it’s something people have invested heavily in financially, mostly because the councils couldn’t afford to bring their housing stock up to modern-day standards.

People went out and spent their own money, as it was their only way of improving their living conditions. I know, because I did it too.

Now the coalition want to take those homes off them. What’s the betting that most of the homes that are freed up under this system, get allocated to immigrants?

And where are the smaller properties that the householders who are moved out are supposed to move to? It’s like musical chairs with people’s lives.

I have come to the conclusion, after nearly 50 years of voting, that neither Labour nor the two coalition parties are worth the effort.

The coalition blame Labour for mass immigration and now Labour blames the coalition for not doing anything about it now that they are in power.

Personally, I lay the blame squarely at Labour’s door, they let them all in, so it’s a bit late to start bleating now.

Unfortunately, the coalition leaders are all millionaires, so they don’t really understand how the housing shortages affect real people.

The truth is, the country is in a mess in all areas and I don’t think any of the main parties have a clue how to sort it out.

SC, Sheffield