VIDEO: Yorkshire student's shock as family of geese hatch on halls of residence window - five floors up

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A Yorkshire university student has been forced to share her halls of residence with a family of daredevil geese.

Hannah Popple, aged 19, woke up one morning to discover a goose nesting in a window box on the side of her York St John's University room, five floors up.

Today Hannah was shocked to find four goslings have hatched at in the nest - which teeters dangerously above a sheer vertical drop.

Hannah, who lives at the central halls of residence building but is from Sheffield originally, said: "The goose came about a month ago and looked like it was nesting, and then the next time we looked she had laid five eggs."

Four of the "cute" goslings hatched this morning but Hannah and her flat mates are "just worried they're going to fall".

She explained they're unable to reach the nest. She said: "It's just a small ledge outside our window and we can only reach about 10cm."

Hannah, far right, pictured with her human flatmates

Hannah, far right, pictured with her human flatmates

Although Hannah contacted the RSPCA, the charity has recommended that the nest is left alone, as geese often reject their babies after they are handled.

As it now seems the nest may be staying a while, Hannah and her flat have named the family.

The mother goose has been christened Gertrude and her goslings are named George, Grant, Gill and Ryan (after Hollywood actor, Ryan Gosling).