VIDEO: Yobs hurl rocks and bottles at passing cars on Sheffield street

This shocking footage shows teenage louts hurling missiles at passing vehicles on a Sheffield estate.

Yobs terrorising Sheffield suburb ‘could force shopkeepers out of business

The footage was captured by a member of the public

The mobile phone footage was filmed by a member of the public.

Horrified residents say youths lobbing rocks and bottles at passing cars on Hartley Brook Road in Shiregreen has become a daily occurrence. Knives have also reportedly also been thrown at dog-walkers in the area, a pregnant woman and her young children were pushed into the road and a delivery driver was recently beaten with sticks. The Star has also reported how a keep-fit group was forced to call it a day due to the vile abuse hurled at members. The escalating trouble is blamed by locals on a gang of about 20 youngsters, aged as young as 14, who they say are growing increasingly emboldened and now feel they can act with impunity when police are not present.

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A teenager hurls a missile at a passing car

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