VIDEO: Will you marry me? Music fan proposes to girlfriend on stage during concert at Sheffield City Hall

This is the moment a lovestruck music fan interrupted a concert by his favourite band to propose to his girlfriend in front of hundreds of delighted fans on stage at Sheffield City Hall.

Wednesday, 30th November 2016, 3:33 pm
Updated Tuesday, 6th December 2016, 11:32 am
Kriss proposes to Clair on stage at Sheffield City Hall. (Photo: YouTube).

Rock lover Kriss Roberts was given the go-ahead for his romantic proposal to girlfriend Clair Robinson by American rockers Black Stone Cherry who applauded as the smitten concertgoer dropped to one knee and popped the question.

Kriss and Clair walked out onto the stage hand-in-hand during Monday's show by the band at the venue in Barkers Pool, with Kriss, dressed in a long-sleeved top and jeans announcing they'd won a competition.

Rockers Black Stone Cherry allowed for their gig to be interrupted for the proposal.

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Clutching a microphone handed to him by a band member who announces, "the audience is yours for a moment," Kriss shouts: "We've won a competition" and the pair shuffle awkwardly around as the band watch as the proposal unfolds.

He then jokes "can you sing?" to Clair before saying; "While I'm up here...if I just..." and then dipping into his pocket, whipping out a ring and dropping to one knee as a clearly stunned Clair clasps her hands to her face in shock as he announces: "Will you marry me?"

As the audience realise what's going on, the crowd erupts into whoops and cheers and Clair can seen be nodding her head as she agrees to tie the knot.

Kriss is then seen putting the ring onto her finger as they embrace and hug and kiss in front of the band's overjoyed fans.

Rockers Black Stone Cherry allowed for their gig to be interrupted for the proposal.

A clearly delight Kriss then whoops: "Yeahhhhh! into the microphone as the band re-appear on stage to offer their congratulations.

Lead singer Chris Robertson announces: "I'm assuming it was a yes" before encouraging the couple to be given another cheer as they exit the stage, quipping: "Well, nothing I say matters now. Thanks for f***ing up my entire evening!"

The 90 second clip was captured by fellow fan Anne Ramsdale and uploading to video sharing website, where it has already been viewed hundreds of times.

The band, formed in 2001, have enjoyed two UK top ten albums including latest release Kentucky which climbed to number five.

They are currently in the midst of a UK tour and have sold millions of albums across the globe.