VIDEO: What happens when you put Sheffield celebs through photo beautifying app Meitu? Here are the hilarious results

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It is the bizarre selfie transformation app that's taken the world by storm - and we've used it to give some of Sheffield's biggest stars a makeover.

If you've ever dreamed of big sparkling eyes, glowing, wrinkle free skin and rosy red lips, then Meitu is the app you need to get on your phone to make your selfies something else.

Jarvis Cocker, Michael Palin and Sean Bean after being subjected to the Meitu treatment.

Jarvis Cocker, Michael Palin and Sean Bean after being subjected to the Meitu treatment.

The Chinese have been using the beautifying app since 2008 but this year Meitu has gone viral, with 456 million monthly active users around the world.

And we decided to put it to the test - putting some of Sheffield's biggest and best stars through the Meitu mill.

Straggly-haired Pulp frontman Jarvis Cocker takes on a whole new look with luminous skin while Monty Python funnyman Michael Palin looks positively pixie like given his makeoever, with a nod towards strange, pointed ears.

We took to giving two men who feel the stresses and strains of everyday life - Blades boss Chris Wilder and Owls' chief Carlos Carvalhal a touch of beauty too - and both look positively angelic, rosy and some might say impish after having their features altered.

Athletics golden girl Jessica Ennis Hill seems to suffer as a result, looking far less glamorous than the photo we uploaded for her Meitu makeover, while legendary club owner Peter Stringfellow is given a fresh and youthful look through the app.

While some are clearly enjoying the novelty factor others are addicted to the dramatic results and the app holds a rare five-star rating in the US app store.

Meitu, which means ‘beautiful picture’, offers a ‘one-touch photoshop for enhancing your beauty’ and promises to give your selfies a ‘hand-drawn look’.

Using facial recognition and augmented reality, the free app transforms faces, enhancing in a style similar to the well-documented lenses of Snapchat.

Photos can be uploaded from an album or taken directly on the app. Then, Meitu waves its magic wand and faces turn into glowing fairytale, anime-style images, complete with peachy cheeks and sparkling eyes.

Beauty filters such as ‘Mermaid’ and ‘Petals’ can also be applied. The resulting masterpiece can then be saved and shared on social media.

The effect certainly isn’t subtle and some might find it downright odd but, as with any makeover app, it’s entertaining to see your appearance ‘perfected’.

There are also collage and auto beauty features, plus a retouch function that lets you erase dark circles, remove spots and wrinkles and even make yourself look taller.

Meitu is available for both iOS and Android.