VIDEO: Well say hello Dolly

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You get a real mixture of things with Dolly - all of them good.

Dolly, who is currently being cared for at the RSPCA Animal Shelter is a calm and cheerful, big hearted, playful girl with so much love to give.

Black and tan German Shepherd Dolly who hopes to find a loving home.

Black and tan German Shepherd Dolly who hopes to find a loving home.

RSPCA Sheffield Branch Animal Care Manager Tony Benham says: “Dolly would love to come out to play with you and to find a forever home.

“Approximately three years old , this lovely black and tan German Shepherd was brought to our centre very underweight. Today, she has no known health problems and we envisage a bright and sunny future ahead of her.

“She just needs someone who can carry on the basic training started here at the centre and who can give her a loving, domestic environment in which this can take place.

“She’s had a very sad start in life without appropriate access to food, hence her being underweight.

“For legal reasons we cannot elaborate further but we would really like to see this lovely dog get a new start in life in a caring, loving home.”

RSPCA Sheffield Branch is open every day, except Wednesday daytime, from 12.30pm until 3.30pm and can be contacted on 0114 289 8050. The centre has extended its hours over the summer so it is now open on Wednesday evenings, from 5pm – 7pm. The Centre is also looking for foster homes.