VIDEO: Watch rare footage and see how 1940s Doncaster looked

Doncaster in the 1940s. (Photo: Kinolibrary).Doncaster in the 1940s. (Photo: Kinolibrary).
Doncaster in the 1940s. (Photo: Kinolibrary).
Rare footage of how Doncaster looked more than 70 years ago has been unearthed on YouTube.

The archive clip, showing the town centre and railway station in the 1940s, gives viewers an insight into how our town looked at around the time of World War Two.

Entitled 1940s Doncaster Station and Streets, the 35-second clip has been uploaded to YouTube by Kinolibrary, an independent agency representing what it describes as "remarkable and rare archive footage from around the world."

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The footage shows distinctive Doncaster landmarks such as Clock Corner and Doncaster Minster as well as the railway station and the locomotives that used to run through it more than 70 years ago.

As the clip shows a bunch of young trainspotters huddled on a railway platform, a voiceover announces: "My grandfather came from here and my father. and they took numbers just like these youngsters, only it was more interesting in their day."

The man adds: "It is still a railway town. There's hardly a railway in the world that hasn't had a few engines built here."

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