VIDEO: Watch as CCTV captures burglar raiding South Yorkshire beauty salon set up by working mums

A group of friends who banded together to launch their own beauty salon are counting the cost after a burglar raided their shop just three weeks after opening.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 21st April 2017, 3:04 pm
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 6:23 pm
Stacey Buckley outside the salon.
Stacey Buckley outside the salon.

About a dozen or so working mums who were struggling to find work saved up to fulfill their dream of opening their own salon.

Business was booming for the first few weeks at Slated Beauty in Lazarus Court, Doncaster town centre, until a burglar broke in and stole £1000 worth of products at 7am on Tuesday, April 18.

Stacey Buckley outside the salon.

CCTV footage captures a man in a blue parka coat in the moments before he smashed the door down at the salon before raiding cabinets.

He stole lamps used for painting customers' nails, nail extension products, nail polish, a drill and a £300 cheque from the till.

The burglar also took around £100 worth of beer, wine and prosecco usually served to customers.

The footage shows him casually walking off with a bag containing the stolen items.

A man captured on CCTV.

Stacey Buckley, a single mum-of-two who co-owns the salon, said she was "disgusted" that someone could do such a thing.

The 28-year-old, of Intake, said: "When we watched the footage it was heartbreaking. People like this do not understand the value of things.

"All of us who work here saved up and I put several thousand pounds into the business because we all enjoyed working with each other.

"Then to have this happen only three weeks after opening is shocking. It is not just the cost of replacing everything, it is also loss of business. We had to turn some customers away earlier this week because we didn't have the products in."

Stacey Buckley outside the salon.

She added that staff are so scared of suffering another break in they are now bringing mini-suitcases to work and everybody is taking the products home each evening for safe keeping.

Said Stacey: "We have managed to buy all the stolen products back and this will not stop us. Our business is back open.

"If anyone knows who did this or recognises the man in the CCTV please contact the police."

Ring police on 101.

A man captured on CCTV.