VIDEO: Viewers to get insight into Sheffield long-distance swimmer's life in new film

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Youtube viewers can get an insight into the meteoric rise of a Sheffield swimming sensation, thanks to a documentary about her time in the water.

Wendy Figures, who earlier this month swam the English Channel, is the subject of the documentary, made by Leicester-based university student Emma Dreschler.

Through a series of interviews and footage, it tells the story of Wendy's preparation to conquer the 22-mile swim.

She outlines the training and the 'big targets' along the way.

Wendy, 51, also outlines her preparation for undertaking ice miles - a mile swim in water five degrees or cooler.

The Worrall Road, Wadsley woman has swam eight ice miles, which are the ultimate achievement for cold-water swimmers.

She aims to make it to 10.

She talks about acclimatising slowly to the water before the mile.

She said it helped control her breathing, and calmed her down.

"Once I'm calm, that's when I'm ready to touch the buoy and set off," she said.

It also shows Wendy recovering from her eighth ice mile.

Wendy, a former lane swimmer, made the switch to open water five years ago.

"I've always been a swimmer, but always been a pool swimmer," she said.

She said she thought she would hate the open-water experience, but Wendy was wrong.

"I did one session, and I was absolutely hooked," she said.

"That was it. I was an open-water swimmer from then."

The pair met through a mutual contact, and after completing the interviews and watching the finished piece, Wendy said she was happy.

"It's quite an easy to watch documentary," she said.

"I think she did it really well."