VIDEO: ‘To Paris, you are not alone’ - French flag flown in Sheffield today

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Sheffield Town Hall flew the French flag as a mark of respect to those killed in the Paris atrocities - sending the message of ‘you are not alone.’

A siren was sounded to trigger a one minute’s silence in the city centre at 11am today, with councillors standing united on the town hall steps and passers-by stopping to watch.

It was just one of many similar events held all across European cities in the wake of multiple terrorist attacks in the French capital, which have claimed the lives of 129 people.

Sheffield Council’s chief executive John Mothersole said: “I think we all realise that what happened in Paris could have happened in any city, anywhere, and it brings it home to you.

“The message from Sheffield is that we are deeply sorry for what happened in Paris, obviously they are having to cope with the reality of it.

“The best we can do is show that we sympathise with them, we empathise with them and our simple message to them is you are not alone.”

A Sheffield mother and son on holiday in Paris witnessed some of the atrocities, which have also left 300 people wounded.

Merab Cracknell and her son Alex, of Ecclesall, heard gunshots as they walked near their hotel close to the Bataclan Concert Hall, where one of the terror attacks took place.

Mrs Cracknell, aged 47, said: “You didn’t know if the person next to you might shoot you. It was going on all around us.”