VIDEO: SNOW - Gritters to continue treating Sheffield roads today as temperatures fall

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Gritters will continue to treat Sheffield roads this afternoon as temperatures are set to plunge.

Streets Ahead says 19 vehicles have been out since 6pm yesterday and have laid 750 tonnes of salt on the highways.

A spokesman added: “The whole of the priority road network was gritted from 6pm last night, before the majority of the snow fell.

“The heaviest of the snow began to fall at midnight and snow ploughs were deployed to focus on clearing the primary routes across the city including Ecclesall Road, Abbeydale Road and the Sheffield Parkway.

“These primary routes were clear by 6am and teams then moved onto clearing and treating the secondary roads, including Staniforth Road, Bellhouse Road and Handsworth Road.

“Since 6pm last night, we have had 19 gritters out on the road laying around 750 tonnes of salt.

“As snow is now continuing to fall we have deployed a number of gritters back to the primary roads on higher ground to ensure that they remain as clear as possible.

“Temperatures are expected to fall rapidly this afternoon with a risk of ice forming on the roads and pavements.

“Gritters will continue to treat the roads in response to this.

“The weather conditions are being monitored continuously throughout the day and we will act in accordance with them.

“All residents and drivers are being asked to take extra care when travelling tonight and tomorrow morning and to drive to the weather conditions at all times.”