Video: Snake found on the loose in Sheffield street

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A snake caused panic among residents when it was discovered slithering around a street in the Page Hall area of Sheffield.

The creature was found inside a hole in a garden wall on Willoughby Street.

Snake found in Page Hall

Snake found in Page Hall

Residents coaxed it out and then used a grabber stick and a storage box to bundle it safely away.

Resident Shaun Outram, aged 50, said: “I was talking to one of the council enforcement officers and this bloke came running down the road, he had a video on his phone and I could see it was near a red car that was my friend’s.

“I rang her and she panicked straight away.

“We went up and had a look, the snake was hiding in a hole at the bottom of a garden wall.

“We rang the police up because we didn’t know what to do - it’s not something that happens every day.

“They didn’t want to know and said it’s not a police matter. A bloke got a stick and as it poked its head out he managed to get it out.

“Another man had a grabber stick that you use when you get out of hospital so he picked it up with that and a woman got a storage box to put it in.”

The RSPCA were called to the scene yesterday afternoon and took the snake away.

It’s believed the animal was a corn snake, a north American species that constricts its small prey to death but is harmless to humans.

Shaun added: “We were told it was a corn snake, about three to five feet long but we’d had no way of knowing that when we found it.

“Apparently it can give you a nasty bite but it is not venomous.

“It was most likely a pet because the RSPCA said they are not native.

“It’s not often you get people coming down the street saying there’s a snake on the road.

“Someone said that a man who lives around the corner used to own snakes but they went round and the house was empty - we’ve no idea where it has come from.”

The RSPCA told residents they would rehome the snake if nobody came to claim it.