VIDEO: Slave ordeal - Police Statement

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Harrowing CCTV footage of the beatings meted out to Sheffield slavery victim Craig Kinsella was played to a judge at Sheffield Crown Court.

The disturbing images were taken from the Rookes family’s own CCTV system which covered the back garden of their home on Halifax Road, Parson Cross.

DI Vicky Short - South Yorkshire Police

DI Vicky Short - South Yorkshire Police

David Brooke, prosecuting, said ice cream business owner David Rooke, 44, his wife Donna, 40 and their son Jamie, 19, could all be seen attacking Craig Kinsella, 34.

Mr Brooke said the footage was recorded daily but deleted every 10 days, so only 10 days’ worth of CCTV was available to South Yorkshire Police.

But it was enough to force the trio to plead guilty to the attacks on Mr Kinsella, described by Judge Peter Kelson as ‘horrific’.

Officers were called to the property on July 7 last year after a neighbour was confronted by Jamie Rooke, who was wielding a knife.

Craig Kinsella was found battered and bruised and taken to the Northern General Hospital and a police investigation – Operation Koffee – was launched.

He was suffering from a broken right arm, a fractured rib, extreme bruising to his back and around his kidney, a fractured chin and cuts, and lumps and bruises on his head and legs.

In the footage David Rooke can be seen punching and slapping Mr Kinsella about the face, kicking him to the ground, stamping on him while wearing steel toe-capped boots and punching him.

Donna Rooke is seen slapping his face while Jamie Rooke is seen punching him repeatedly.

The judge said: “This was two months of horrific violence. One could not watch the CCTV without wincing repeatedly. You made him your punchbag.”

Mr Brook said Mr Kinsella’s day started at 7.30am when his first job was to clean up the family dogs’ mess from the garden – before next cleaning out their ice cream vans.

In a victim impact statement Mr Kinsella said he was in ‘constant fear’.

“I felt as if they controlled me,” he said. “They assaulted me and hit me for nothing.”

After the hearing DI Vicky Short said: “He is still recovering from his injuries. He is still in pain physically. Mentally, he is still reliving the incident.

“But he’s being looked after by a number of outside agencies. He was greatly in fear that his life would be taken.”