VIDEO: Six arrests as police hit the Sheffield streets for Operation Duxford

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Police hit the streets of Sheffield today in a high-visibility operation targeting drug crime, illegal, off-road motorcycles and anti-social behaviour.

More than 100 officers were in action early, raiding properties across the city as part of Operation Duxford.

Police headed to estates in droves, piling out of vans and battering down suspects’ doors in the search for drugs.

Drug raids took place in the city centre, Norton Hammer and Broomhall as police acted on months’ worth of intelligence and meticulous planning.

The officers’ presence was met with praise on one housing estate where residents reported spice deals and fighting outside homes.

One man said he’d ‘have a better day’ now he’d seen officers on the estate, and another woman reported bloodstains on the footpath after a number of incidents which had neighbours living in fear.

Officers arrest a man as part of Operation Duxford

Officers arrest a man as part of Operation Duxford

Thirteen people had so far been arrested as part of the operation.

Most of those arrests had been individuals wanted for failing to attend at court, theft and drugs offences.

Police also issued a section 35 notice in Arundel Gate/Fitzalan Square in response to some reported anti-social behaviour in the area.

Two people were reported on summons – one for begging offences, one for cannabis possession.

PCs Stuart Oakes, Kevin Sibley, Dawn Turner and Ady Hill were part of Operation Duxford

PCs Stuart Oakes, Kevin Sibley, Dawn Turner and Ady Hill were part of Operation Duxford

Another has been given a caution for begging.

Police also conducted an operation to tackle street begging in the city centre, and one person was cautioned over begging.

They continued their increased presence in Spital Hill and Burngreave, while officers also hit Nether Edge and Sharrow to tackle illegal motorcycles.

Chief Constable Stephen Watson said his officers aimed to be highly-visible during the operation.

“I hope many of you will see some of the activity that our people are putting down today,” he said.

“Yes, we’ve made some arrests, we’ve executed some warrants, but I’m very keen that our people get out and about, and are visible to you,” he said.

He urged passers-by to have a word with officers.

“This is about us speaking to the public and making sure that we’re listening to what you’re asking us, and that we do something about it,” Chief Constable Watson said.

Chief Inspector Russell Hughes said the operation was about ‘responding to the local issues’.

"We hope this concerted day of action and increased presence reassures our communities that we listen to your concerns and will tackle criminality in all its forms," he said.

The activity over the course of the morning wasn’t the end of the operation.

Sergeant Craig Charlesworth said officers would now undertake follow-up consultations with members of the public to gather further intelligence and advise them of what’s happening on their street.

“We’ve spent months planning this, and all the public sees is that two minutes of activity, that line of police vans that will be on their street for a couple of hours,” he said.

“The police will now go around in half and hour, and walk up and down the street.

“That door-knocking is invaluable. It really is.”

It was the third Operation Duxford to hit Sheffield. Operations have also taken place in Doncaster, Barnsley and Rotherham.