VIDEO: Shocking footage shows 'dangerous and illegal' dog walker on live Yorkshire motorway

A motorway police officer has issued a stern warning after sharing this video of a dog owner taking their pet for a walk on a busy Yorkshire motorway.

The video, shared by traffic officer PC Willis of West Yorkshire Police, shows a man taking his beloved dog for a walk down the hard shoulder of the M62, against the direction of oncoming traffic.

-> These new signs can tell when you're using your phone while drivingFootage of the highly dangerous and illegal walk down the carriageway was then shared online after the owner was given 'strong words of advice'.

PC Willis said: "It is illegal and dangerous for pedestrians to venture onto the motorway and it is really NOT the place to take your dog for a walk!! #M62 #dangerous

"No arrests on this occasion... Just strong words of advice and both owner and dog removed from the motorway!

"It's amazing the number of people that don't actually realise pedestrians aren't allowed on the motorway!"