VIDEO: Sheffielders turn down £1,000 in free cash

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How would you react if someone offered you £1,000 in free cash on the street?

It seems many Sheffielders would turn down the opportunity - judging from the evidence of a new online advertisement filmed in the city.

A woman is given �1,000 for free in Sheffield as part of an advertising stunt

A woman is given �1,000 for free in Sheffield as part of an advertising stunt

Organisers of new lottery game GeoLotto recently sent one of their representatives out into Sheffield city centre with an envelope stuffed with money.

But he struggled to give the money away for more than an hour as suspicious shoppers gave him a wide berth.

A two-minute video filmed by GeoLotto shows people avoiding his advances, even as he tells them they could get £1,000 by stopping.

One couple walk straight past, another lady tells him she is ‘not bothered’ by his offer and another passer-by even swears at the man.

But eventually one person did stop - and couldn’t believe it when she was handed the money.

The woman, called Janice, initially can’t believe she is getting the money with no strings attached.

She said: “Are you having a laugh? Things like this do not happen to me. I’m speechless.

“I will never walk past anybody else again when they say ‘Will you stop?’”

The Lotto Samaritan then toured the streets of the city, giving away £5, £25 and £50 notes as part of the stunt, which was filmed in November.

A spokesman for the company said: “The people of Sheffield were surprised with these ‘random acts of gifting’, with giving away thousands of pounds in £5, £25 and £50 notes to the surprise and sheer delight of unsuspecting locals walking along the streets of Sheffield.”

A recent survey found Sheffield is the second most-patient city when it comes to dealing with paid charity fundraisers who stop passers-by in the street.

The study by price comparison website Give As You Live suggested almost two-thirds of Sheffielders - 62 per cent - will stop for the controversial fundraisers, who have been nicknamed ‘chuggers’ - or charity muggers.

And those who do stop are willing to chat to the fundraisers for an average three minutes and 19 seconds, behind only Swansea where the average time someone will speak to one of the workers is three minutes and 38 seconds.