VIDEO - Sheffield Wednesday: '˜It is not good for football' - Carlos Carvalhal slams transfer window

The summer transfer window should shut before the Championship season kicks off, according to Owls boss Carlos Carvalhal.

Friday, 26th August 2016, 5:02 am
Updated Friday, 26th August 2016, 8:04 am
Carlos Carvalhal

Wednesday have been active in the market, recruiting seven new players over the summer, and the Hillsborough outfit have not finished yet.

Carvalhal wants to add a left-back and left winger to his squad before the window shuts next Wednesday.

Carlos Carvalhal

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But the Owls head coach admits the window is not easy to operate in and took a swipe at how other clubs conduct their business.

Carvalhal said: “The transfer window is not good for football or the competition. It is not fair that we are playing and other clubs are talking with our players. We don’t do this. We try to do things properly.

“The window creates problems for all the coaches, who have to manage all these things.

“In my opinion, they must close the window before the competition starts and after that clubs have to work with what they have.”

Carlos Carvalhal

Carvalhal wishes it was a level playing field in the second-tier. He admits it is difficult for Wednesday to compete financially with Norwich City, Newcastle United and Aston Villa, who are all armed with lavish parachute payments following relegation.

“We know exactly what we want but it is not easy because the market is very tough for us,” he conceded.

“I don’t want to talk again against the rules of the competition but the problem is that sometimes we have a target, we go there and immediately the teams that are relegated, they take the players very easy.

“We don’t have the capacity to go like them. Some teams have big budgets.

“There is a big gap between the conditions these teams have to prepare and others.”

He stressed he is happy with who the Owls have captured since pre-season but admits the club have to be mindful of Financial Fair Play (FFP) regulations. FFP rules state clubs cannot exceed losses of £39m across the next three seasons.

“We have our feet on the floor,” stated Carvalhal.

“The chairman is very conscious because we have FFP to consider and must do things properly.

“I agree one hundred per cent with my chairman. We can’t put our team with salaries that we can’t control in the future.

“The chairman is caring about the club for the future, not just the present.”

Despite the financial constraints, Carvalhal remains optimistic his side will be in a stronger position by the end of the month.

Carvalhal said: “We are trying to bring in more players.

“I’m not saying we’ll achieve this because, as I tell you, some targets that we had - one or two or three or four of five or six - when we go there they (other clubs) put five times (more money) than us. I’m not complaining but this is the reality. We can’t fight against these teams.”

“The market is open. Before August 31, Sheffield Wednesday and all the teams in the world are trying to improve the team and see the best opportunities.

“We have some gaps in the team and we are trying to fill them. If we can improve the team, we are open to that.

“We must cover the gaps and that’s our priority.”