VIDEO: Sheffield’s most rat-infested roads revealed - has your street made the top 10?

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Sheffield’s most rat-infested roads have been revealed - as vermin catchers dealt with more than 10,000 callouts across the city since 2010.

And Herries Road has been exposed as Sheffield’s most rat-infested road.

Rat catchers dealt with 24 incidents of vermin on Herries Road from April 2014 to April 2015, figures obtained for The Star’s ‘Your Right to Know Campaign’ reveal.

Environmental services were called out 12,928 times since April 2010 to areas across the city.

Herries Road and Deerlands Avenue in Parson Cross feature many times in the top 10 over the five year period.

Other hotspots during this year include Barnsley Road in Fir Vale, Main Road in Darnall and nightclub row Carver Street in Sheffield city centre.

A general view of Carver Street, Sheffield City Centre.

A general view of Carver Street, Sheffield City Centre.

In Sheffield, Parson Cross, Darnall, Firth Park, Manor and Page Hall all feature prominently in the figures from 2010 to 2015.

Deerlands Avenue in Parson Cross was second worst affected with 16 call outs between 2014/2015 and featured in the top 10 four times in the past five years. It was the worst hit road during 2010/2011.

Main Road in Darnall had the third highest number of call outs during 2014/2015 with 15, while Barnsley Road had 13 and Firth Park Road 12.

Environmental services were called to nightclub row Carver Street in Sheffield city centre 11 times.

They were also called out to both while Stubbin Lane and Nethershire Lane in Firth Park 11 times each.

Herries Road resident John Bartholomew, aged 71, said he was not surprised by the figures.

He said: “I’ve had problems with rats in the past.

“We called out environmental services as they were coming out under the hut in the garden.

“I used to try and whack them with a spade to get them.”

Claire Chapman, 39, of Herries Road, was more shocked by the revelation.

She said: “I’m quite surprised to be honest, I haven’t had any problems in my house.

“Now I think about it, when they built Oasis Academy school it must have disturbed them due to it being close to the woodland.

“Again Herries Road is quite big and I suppose it depends who your neighbours are and if they keep their property clean.”

One man when asked seemed quite shocked at the figures and said “I haven’t seen any around here, that’s surprising.”

Another resident on Herries Road said: “I’ve seen rats around before but haven’t had a problem in my house.

“The tip on the back of Herries Road must contribute to rats.

“I’m not surprised but I would have thought that a road with lots of takeaways on it would be the top of the list.”

Sharon Storey, 67, of Herries Road, had experience of rats with next door neighbours on either side of her.

She said: “My next door neighbour called the council out a few times in the past but they don’t do much.

“He put his own stuff down himself in the end and my other neighbours has in the past had rats.

“They come from the woodland at the bottom of the garden but we have ours fenced off well plus we had a cat so we haven’t had a problem.

“I’ve got grandchildren and it’s not nice.”

A Sheffield Council spokesman said: “As in every major city, rats are undoubtedly an issue in Sheffield, but we deal with the problem quickly and efficiently whenever we receive a report.

“Our trained and experienced officers offer a quality service which adheres to Royal Society of Health – Pest Control standards as minimum. “Members of the public can report pest control issues online, or by phone, between 8am and 6pm, on 0114 2037410 or 0114 2037411. We aim to respond to every enquiry as soon as possible, usually within three working days.”


April 2010-2015 environmental services were called out 12,928 times.

Top 10 roads April 2014-2015

1. Herries Road, Shirecliffe 24

2. Deerlands Avenue, Parson 16

3. Main Road, Darnall 15

4. Barnsley Road, Fir Vale 13

5. Firth Park Road, Firth Park 12

6. Carver Street, City Centre 11

Stubbin Lane, Firth Park 11

Nethershire Lane, Parson Cross 11

10. City Road, Manor 10

Wensley Street, Page Hall 10

Hinde House Lane, Page Hall 10

Prince of Wales Road, Manor 10

Maltravers Road, Wybourn 10

Westfield Centre, Westfield 10

Top 3 roads April 2010-2011

1 Deerlands Avenue, Parson Cross 21

2 Herries Road, Shirecliffe 20

3 Prince of Wales Road, Manor 15

Top 3 roads April 2011-2012

1 Wordsworth Avenue, Parson Cross 19

2 Staniforth Lane, Darnall 16

3 Staniforth Road, Darnall 16

Top 3 roads April 2012-2013

1. City Road, Manor 23

2. Meadow Head, Meadowhead 14

3. Norfolk Park Avenue, Norfolk Park 13

Top 3 roads April 2013-2014

1. Herries Road, Shirecliffe 18

2. Deerlands Avenue, Parson Cross 16

3. Hinde House Lane, Page Hall 15