VIDEO: Sheffield’s Kell Brook gets saucy on TV with Clare Balding

Kell Brook and childhood sweetheart Lindsey
Kell Brook and childhood sweetheart Lindsey
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Kell Brook brought a flush to the cheeks of TV presenter Clare Balding when he hinted how he and partner Lindsey celebrated him winning his world boxing title.

Speaking on Clare’s BT Sport programme, the Sheffield welterweight king described how he and his entourage broke open bottles of champagne after his win over the favourite, Shawn Porter, in America.

Brook said: “There was a party going on. I remember just sneaking off, grabbing my partner Lindsey and going back to the room and just, er...carrying on partying.”

The live studio audience burst into laughter as Balding shot a knowing eye towards them.

Brook also told the show he had to keep pressing stitches on a cut above his eye to make sure that he’d not dreamed of winning the title that he’d dreamed about since he was nine.

“It was truly amazing, I stayed up two or three days after the fight - I couldn’t go asleep because I was scared that if I went to sleep I’d wake up and it would all have been a dream.

“It was beautiful that weekend in LA, when I won the world title.”

* Kell appears on The Clare Balding show tonight at 10pm on BT Sport with a half-hour show also on BBC2 tomorrow night at 10pm.

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