VIDEO: Sheffield's iconic Arts Tower lift is one of only two left in the UK

The University of Sheffield's paternoster lift
The University of Sheffield's paternoster lift
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The University of Sheffield's famous paternoster lift is now one of only two left in the country.

The lift, which has no door and moves continually without stopping at floor levels, is one of the last remaining in the UK after the University of Leicester announced that its paternoster is to closed.

The lift is based in The Arts Tower - the tallest academic building in the UK - and is the tallest operational lift of its kind in Europe.

Keith Lilley, director of estates and facilities management and IT at the University of Sheffield, said: “We're extremely proud that our paternoster - which is the tallest still in operation in Europe - is still going strong.

"Thousands of students will have fond memories of hopping on and off the paternoster attending classes in our iconic Arts Tower.

"There have been some significant upgrades to the paternoster over the years, including the addition of indicator lights for safe boarding and exiting carriages.

The Arts Tower which houses the lift

The Arts Tower which houses the lift

"We're sure it will still be transporting students for many years to come."

Built over 40 years ago by the Schindler Lift company, the paternoster has 38 two-person cars and travels the full 22 stories of the building.

A journey between two floors takes just 13 seconds.

It allows 76 people to be moved up and down the Arts Tower at any one time, which is more than a double decker bus.

When the University’s Arts Tower was refurbished in 2009, the paternoster was completely rewired with new controls and additional lighting.

The gearbox and sprockets were re-cut, wooden guides were replaced where necessary and additional safety features were introduced.