VIDEO: Sheffield residents let off some steam about Bassett’s factory noise

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Sleep-deprived Sheffield residents have been left ‘fuming’ after a noisy factory fault kept them awake.

Locals in the Hillsborough and Wadsley Bridge areas were disturbed by a loud whooshing noise caused by steam escaping from a chimney at the Mondelez International Factory, known locally as the Bassett’s factory, on Livesey Street.

Resident Victoria Wood, of Fielding Road, Hillsborough, said: “I hardly slept in three nights.

“It kept us awake most of the night and our dog was going crazy. It was a nuisance.”

Mondelez International spokesman Samantha Wothers said: “We have experienced a technical fault in one of our steam systems, unfortunately causing an increased level of noise.

“We corrected the problem within 24 hours with operations now returning to normal.”

Video above by Kelly Farrell.