VIDEO: Sheffield protest hears man’s tragic family loss in Gaza

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A Sheffield man told a protest today of how he has lost 11 members of his family in an Israeli strike on Gaza.

Palestinian Musheir El-Farra, chairman of the Sheffield Palestine Solidarity Campaign, was speaking at the protest outside Sheffield Town Hall this afternoon.

An unrelated Gaza protest outside the town hall

An unrelated Gaza protest outside the town hall

Mr El-Farra said: “They were killed while they were sleeping inside their beds. They had them with the first bomb, then the second, then the third.

“I am extremely gutted but to me those innocent victims are no different from all the Palestinians that have been killed savagely by Isreal.

To loud cheers he added: “All of them are brothers and sisters, all of them are people.”

“We don’t accept war crimes, that’s why we are here.”

More than 200 people attended the protest against Israli agression in Gaza and Palestine and the latter’s occupation.

People wearing cloaks stained with red to represent blood dropped to the floor, crowds waved placards with moving messages and sang together to raise awareness.

The ‘die-in’ was to highlight the death toll in Gaza, which has reached at least 1,500 Palestinians, mainly civilians, and more than 60 Israelis, nearly all soldiers.

Others wrote the names of people who have died in the conflict this week alone on a banner in their memory.

Marie Abu Qaoud, of Goldthorpe in Barnsley, was with the campaign.

The mum-of-five said: “My husband is Palestinian. Our telephone rings every day with news of another family who have lost their five children. This is the least we can do.

“It is disgraceful and we have got to keep on going until the British Government and everyone else get on board and help.”

Yemeni dad-of-five Ali Dadhell, of Pitsmoor, was one of many who had brought his children to the protest.

He said: “They are astonished and they can’t believe this is happening in the world and the world does nothing in order to support people in Palestine.

“We expect the British Government to do something about it.”

Dr Dick Pitt, of Heeley, added: “I’m feeling pretty much total rage that there have been 1,600 people killed, mostly civilians.”

Several city councillors also attended the protest.

It continued on to various Sainsbury’s stores in the city centre as part of a campaign to urge the company to end its trade with companies growing produce on ‘stolen Palestinian lands.’