VIDEO: Sheffield parents battle HUGE crowds and queues to pick up new school uniforms

Scene inside Crystal Peaks (s)
Scene inside Crystal Peaks (s)
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The new school year is just around the corner and parents in Sheffield have got a lot to prepare for.

From stationery to packed lunches, there is often a lot of planning that goes into sending the kids back to school.

However, the one thing that can cause the most stress to parents is deciding where they will get this year's school uniform from.

Supermarkets and high street stores are almost overflowing with kit meaning it can be hard for parents to know where to find the best deal.

But, as one father found out, a number of parents in Sheffield have settled on doing their school uniform shop at Pinders Schoolwear at Crystal Peaks.

Dad-of-two Andy Wroe visited Crystal Peaks yesterday afternoon to pick up new school uniforms from the market stall.

Scene inside Crystal Peaks (s)

Scene inside Crystal Peaks (s)

However, it soon became clear that he wasn't the only one to have this idea.

His video, taken from inside the store, shows a snaking queue waiting patiently to get inside the stall to pick up their new school uniforms.

He tweeted: "Market in @PeaksShopping is getting a bit busy at the School uniform shop @HelpSheffield #sheffield"

Where do you normally pick up your child's school uniform from? Let us know.