VIDEO: Sheffield man with £2.6million of drugs stashed in shopping bags is jailed

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A Sheffield man who was caught with 46kg of almost pure amphetamine worth £2.6 million has been jailed for three years.

Mohammed Basherat Din, aged 38, of Penrith Road, Shirecliffe, was found three large shopping bags full of the class B drug at his home and more than 30 wraps of amphetamine stashed inside a fridge freezer on September 29, 2013.

The bags of drugs found at the property

The bags of drugs found at the property

His role was to mix the highly pure drug with other ingredients so they could be sold, Sheffield Crown Court was told.

Din, who pleaded guilty to possession of a class B drug with intent to supply had previous convictions for drug offences and had been sentenced to five years in prison, the court heard.

Judge Paul Watson QC, sentencing Din, said: “You are 38 years of age. You have previous convictions including a sentence in 2003 but in recent times you served a sentence of five years for an offence of intent to supply class A drugs and I regard it as a severely aggravating factor in this case.

“When police went to Penrith Road on 29 September they found not only very substantial quantities of amphetamine but drugs which were highly pure that would have been no doubt adulterated before they hit the streets.”

Mohammed Basherat Din, 38, was jailed

Mohammed Basherat Din, 38, was jailed

He added: “At a conservative estimate the price on the streets would have been at least £2.5million.

“It is a very profitable industry. Those involved know they are playing for high stakes. You played for high stakes and lost. You were caught.”

“The least sentence I can impose is one of three years imprisonment.”

Det Con Matt Jackson, speaking after the case, said: “It’s a huge amount, 46kg, I’m very pleased that it is out of circulation.

“It’s the largest I’ve ever worked on or a lot of colleagues have ever worked on.

“It is class B drugs, I think that’s why the sentence isn’t as high as I would have hoped for, but still, he’s in prison, the drugs are off the streets. I’m happy today.”