Video: Sheffield boxer polishes off super-tough Polish rival

It's not a good sign for a boxer when you clobber an opponent with everything you've got - and he comes back for more.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 26th February 2017, 9:21 am
Updated Wednesday, 1st March 2017, 8:59 am
Sam O'maison v Lukasz Janik ,Bramall Lane. Pic Andy Garner
Sam O'maison v Lukasz Janik ,Bramall Lane. Pic Andy Garner

That was the situation Sheffield’s Sam O’maison found himself in against a granite-hard Pole called Lukasz Janik at at Bramall Lane.

Ryan Rhodes’ super lightweight talent couldn’t stop the macho come-forward aggressor - even a wicked body shot in the third period of the six rounder didn’t slow him down.

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“I underestimated him, he was one tough kid” said the 25-year-old. “The front of him was like a rock. Some kids I hit with those shots and they just fall to bits. I hit him with a straight one-two, I don’t know what he’s got at the front of his head but straight away I felt my hands burn up.

“I backed off started getting on my jab, but I was hitting him with some hard shots. He wanted more! So I thought I have to box him, if not I am going to get involved, potentially I am going to get caught. I did what I had to do to get the win.”

That victory was his 14th, although he acknowledges that only three times has he got in with rivals with a winning record. “I want to get in the mix, at 140 (pounds) there are some good fights out there.

“I want some good competitive fights and I feel like I perform better when I have got someone on a winning record like Andy Keates and Anthony Hardy.” O’maison said he intended to work his way to the top, domestically, this year.

Sam O'maison v Lukasz Janik ,Bramall Lane. Pic Andy Garner

He said there wasn’t anybody who could stand with him, over 12 rounds.

“I can box, I can fight, I can switch, I am fast I believe I am strong, so I can do it all, it’s just getting out there getting the right publicity, and showing what I can do.”

Also on the bill, Sheffield heavyweight David Howe never got to unleash any devastating shots on journeyman Tomas Mrazek from the Czech Republic, but eased to a four round win.

Bantamweight Loua Nassa recorded his eighth win, over Kuwait-born, Sheffield-based Anwar Alfadli on points.

Sam O'maison beats Lukasz Janik

Nassa’s best work was in the first round - four times he peppered his man on the ropes.

But Alfadi, bleeding from a head wound, went the six rounds.

Sam O'maison v Lukasz Janik ,Bramall Lane. Pic Andy Garner
Sam O'maison beats Lukasz Janik