VIDEO: Sheffield Bishop’s Christmas message

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The Bishop of Sheffield has spoken of the need to remember and help people feeling lonely or facing financial hardship.

The Rt Rev Dr Steven Croft told the Sheffield Cathedral congregation in his Christmas Day sermon: “We need to listen more carefully to the pain of the world around us.”

Bishop of Sheffield Dr Steven Croft

Bishop of Sheffield Dr Steven Croft

The Bishop said many people feel a heightened sense of loneliness, increased pressures of debt and food poverty in the modern day Christmas.

He added: “This consumer driven version of Christmas is not glad tidings of great joy, except perhaps for retailers.”

The Bishop also paid tribute to Maureen Greaves, the wife of church organist Alan, murdered in High Green on his way to a midnight service on Christmas Eve last year.

He said her ability for forgiveness and the courage she had displayed ‘shows the light of Christ is shining still’.

VIDEO: Press the play button to watch the Bishop’s Christmas message.