VIDEO: Share celebrations and send us photos

Have your say

You want to see lots of stories about people in your neighbourhood – that message is coming across loud and clear.

Many readers have taken the time to get in touch with their views and suggestions for The Star as we prepare to roll out a raft of changes.

And one thing lots agree on is that they want their local newspaper to reflect their own lives.

It is not just about covering the big crime and political stories of the day, although that is obviously important.

It is also about those everyday events that make Sheffield the great city it is.

Capturing images of normal life and sharing them with other Sheffielders in every corner of the city.

So, in a bid to do that, we want you to let us know about your own family’s celebrations.

We always write stories about 100th birthdays and golden or diamond weddings but what about all the other milestones?

We want readers to send us in photos and a little bit of information about the events that are going on in your life.

Did you catch a great photo at a party recently or is there a family get-together around the corner?

Let me know and then I can let everyone else know!

It really doesn’t matter if it is a first birthday, a 40th or a 63rd.

A graduation, passing that all-important driving test, heading off into retirement or tiny tots learning to walk.

We’ll print them in The Star so everyone can share a little part of your celebration.

We all take photos all the time now on our mobile phones and digital cameras so it takes hardly any time to pass them on.

How about letting us know when you reach your fifth wedding anniversary or indeed let us have a photo of your big day.

There are always lots of lovely photos taken at weddings so why not surprise your other half and send one in?

It doesn’t matter if you got married at Sheffield Town Hall or on a Caribbean beach, let the rest of Sheffield know.

Of course, there are also lots of less glamorous times which are still worth including.

How about small fundraising events or things from your local club whether it is Scouts, Brownies, Probus, Rotary or NCT?

It could be a photo of you and your friends at the end of that oh so tiring Duke of Edinburgh expedition.

That’s the point - if it is something that is important to you then we want to hear about it.

There are also lots of talented photographers out there who take beautiful and unusual photos of the area without any better reason than it makes a great photo.

I would love to include more of those so please do go snap happy and send your best images to me.

Also, keep those suggestions coming in. Don’t just assume somebody else will mention whatever it is that is playing on your mind.

Several suggestions have already had an impact and we would like lots more.

That’s the only way to have your say and make The Star the best local newspaper for South Yorkshire.

I will be addressing different people’s questions and suggestions on this page each week.

Whether it is something you love, something you want us to change or something completely new you think we should be including in The Star, then speak up and see what a difference your opinion can make.

Send your photos to me at the usual address and don’t forget to include information about the occasion and your own contact details.

Snap it, send it and we’ll share it.

It is as simple as that.

However you prefer to do it - get in touch.

Tweet me, message me on Facebook, drop me an email at or write to me, Nancy Fielder, The Star, York Street, Sheffield, S1 1PU.