VIDEO: See how passersby reacted when a teenage 'bullying fight' broke out in Sheffield city centre

A fight between teenagers was staged in Barkers Pool in Sheffield city centre
A fight between teenagers was staged in Barkers Pool in Sheffield city centre
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A group of teenage boys surround another teen in the middle of Barkers Pool in Sheffield city centre.

Within seconds they have him on the floor and are aiming kicks and punches at his body.

Some passersby in the busy city centre square don't seem to notice the scuffle, while others turn a blind eye.

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One man, however, charges straight over into the melee in a bid to rescue the boy from his attackers.

What this good samaritan didn't know was that the brawl was a staged incident, a 'social experiment' to how the public react in such a situation.

The stunt was put together and filmed by Rainbow Birds, an NCS Groundwork team, who described it as 'an exploration into the public's reaction to physical and verbal bullying'.

A spokesperson for Element Society, who deliver the NCS programme on behalf of Groundwork, said: "A huge part of the NCS programme is about encouraging young people to do something they believe in, that benefits their community.

"This particular group were passionate about bullying due to their own lived experiences.

"The idea they came up with was to raise awareness about the issue and to start a discussion. Both of these aims have been achieved.

"Please note that a full risk assessment was undertaken prior to this performance.

"The risk assessment was filed with the police and a notification of a street performance was made to the police as well.

"Many of the people standing round are members of staff who were able to step in when needed."

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