VIDEO: Robo-dog Donald needs a home

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His name is Donald – but you can call him Robo Cop!

That’s the nickname carers at the RSPCA Sheffield Animal Centre have given to this five-year-old black and white Staffy.

Animal care manager Tony Benham said: “Donald is a fantastic dog who was brought to us after a road accident which meant he had to have both hips replaced.

“We’ve nicknamed him Robo Cop because of his new hips and his black and white coat, which is a bit like a copper’s uniform!

“He’s steady, loyal and lovely and now we just need to find him a permanent place with a super new family or owner.

“He is very active, loves to go on walks and loves his play time. Given his hips, about three lots of 15-minute walks or regular short exercise would be beneficial for Donald rather than one or two long walks a day.”

Donald is a confident chap who loves people but can be a bit giddy on first meeting. He also likes toys and to have a bit of a chew.

“Donald’s hips do not cause him any bother and he doesn’t let them put him off going about life in a happy, normal and fun loving way,” Tony added.

“We just need to find him a permanent, loving home.”

n The RSPCA Sheffield branch is open daily, except Wednesday, from 12.30pm to 3.30pm. Call 0114 2898050.