VIDEO: Restaurant in Rotherham serves the ‘hottest chicken wings in the UK’

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Can you wolf down six of the hottest chicken wings in the UK without taking the Lord’s name in vain?

The burning question will be answered on October 15, when Maizies American Grill in Rotherham hosts ‘the hot wing challenge that will go down in the history books as pure evil’.

Chef Chris Shemeld of Maizies American Grill in Rotherham has created what he claims to be the hottest chicken wings in the country.

Chef Chris Shemeld of Maizies American Grill in Rotherham has created what he claims to be the hottest chicken wings in the country.

The restaurant on Bawtry Road in Wickersley claims its heat factor beats famed hotspots such as the Red Dog Saloon in London or Purple Bar in Sunderland.

Head chef Chris Shemeld created a sauce made from some of the spiciest chilli peppers in the world and covers the chicken wings with it after they are marinated, breaded and fried.

Chris has to wears gloves to protect himself from the Naga Viper and Carolina Reaper chillis he includes in the sauce. The two varieties set the Guinness World Record for the hottest pepper in 2011 and 2013.

Komodo Dragon chillis, the hottest pepper grown in the UK, are also thrown into the mix. They are 400 times spicier than the humble Jalapeno.

The ho chicken wings

The ho chicken wings

Owner Toni Mullins, aged 44, said: “I’ve seen a few tears from a lot of grown men.”

Those brave enough to undertake the ‘Try YOU Cry’ challenge must first sign a waiver before attempting to eat six wings in 15 minutes. The wings are also available in the restaurant for £12.20.

Contestants are not allowed to drink, use a napkin or ‘take the Lord’s name in vain’. They must also ‘suffer, for five minutes after consumption, without drinks or napkins’.

Manager Mark Davies said: “It hits your nose first. I’ve tried just a little bit of the sauce and it took the breath out of my mouth.”

Carl LeDuc, a 28-year-old Canadian who now lives in Rotherham, ventured to dip one of his chips in Chris’ dangerously spicy sauce.

He said the burn was ‘unpleasant’ but added: “It was definitely worth trying. I’ve got to bring my brother-in-law.”

Chris was inspired to create the challenge by his friends, whom he referred to as ‘chilliheads’. He said they were preparing for the event by dousing food with a hot sauce made from ghost peppers.

Anyone who manages to beat the challenge will win a free T-shirt, crate of beer, and complimentary meal for two. Winners will bask in glory on the wall of fame and receive their £12 entry fee back.

Photos of the less fortunate will hang on the opposing wall of shame.

Toni opened Maizies – named the restaurant after her grandmother who taught her to bake as a young girl – in July hoping to draw in a younger crowd after seeing a gap in the market for US food.